Parking Lot Striping / Sealcoating Business

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When you start thinking of starting your own business and are looking for business ideas, parking lot striping may not immediately cross your mind.  Since a lot of striping is done at night and most lots are only striped once every year or so, you may not see as many stripers as you do lawn maintenance or carpet cleaning companies.  This is actually a good thing for those who do decide to go into parking lot striping.

Parking lot striping and sealcoating is a great way to make a living or just earn extra income. In some parts of the country you would provide a different service during the winter but in the south you can work all year long. You can pick your own schedule and because the profit margins are high, you get to keep the majority of what you make on each job. The initial investment can be low. Because of the high profit margins, the risks of failure are minimal. Depending on how much promoting you do, you can schedule as many jobs as you wish. Many people are able to pay off their equipment with the first job or two.  After that you can generally keep about 80 – 90% of the revenue brought in. The other 10 – 20% should be reinvested in maintaining paint inventory and other supplies.

The purpose of our parking lot striping and sealcoating site is to walk you through the steps that you will need to take to start your own company. Our site covers subjects like choosing your company name, selecting a business type (sole proprietor, corporation, etc..), finding new or used equipment, promoting your business, striping parking lots, sealcoating, and much more. I hope this website will assist you as you enjoy the freedom of owning your own business and being your own boss.