Cool Machines Website

Our Cool Machines Website is a great place to find business ideas that involve a money making machine.  If you don’t mind being your own boss then a wonderful way to make a living is to let a machine make money for you. Machine hours are more productive than man hours because machines are specifically designed to do one particular task very well.  A good example of this is a “Ditch Witch”. This amazing machine can dig a three foot trench at a rate of up to 300 feet per hour.  A person with a shovel may be able to dig 10 – 20 feet in that time. In other words, what a person can do in an hour a machine can often do in just a few minutes.  And they will do it non stop with no complaints and no pay. The income the machine generates goes to the owner of the machine which can be you. If there is little or no competition then your machine can make a great deal of money per hour for you.

I developed this site after starting a few businesses that revolved around owning a machine that not very many people had.  I noticed that the amount of money I was able to make with the machine was ten times more than what I could make just working by the hour for someone.  This site is a fun and informative site that is intended to help people find a machine that fits the type of business they wish to build.  For example, if you wanted to work only at night you could look into parking lot striping or parking lot sweeping. If you had a landscaping business and wanted more revenue you could look into the concrete curbing machines.

Computer controlled routers, parking lot striping machines, sealcoating machines,  laser engravers, concrete curb machines, large format printers, vinyl cutters, and plasma cutters are just a few machines that we cover on the site.

What else can a machine do to improve your life? By owning the right machine and knowing how to use it, you can increase your hourly profit substantially. Making more per hour can make it possible for you to free up some of your time. Let’s say you make $20 per hour and work 40 hours per week. That is $800 per week which is good. Now let’s say you own a large format printer that makes you $80 per hour. If you work the machine 40 hours a week you would make $3,200. However, if you cut back to 20 hours a week you will make $1,600 and get your life back at the same time. The choice would be yours.