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Boston Whaler Website

Boston Whaler Site Summary – Click Here to go to the main site.

Most people are familiar with the commercials showing a Boston Whaler being cut into sections and remaining afloat.  Being unsinkable is only one aspect of this amazing boat and company.  Our Boston Whaler site covers a wide variety of subjects pertaining to the boats history, specifications, the construction, restoration projects and general articles on the different model boats.  New articles will be added over time.

The original 13 foot Boston Whaler Classic was designed by Dick Fisher who also started the company.  The first boat was manufactured in 1958.  Strangely enough, Mr. Fisher had originally set out to create a small sailboat similar to the popular Sunfish.  What he created instead has come to be the most popular small skiff in America.  The boat is created by making two fiberglass shells, bringing those two shells together while still in the mold and then while under pressure filling the  void between the two shells with foam.  This process creates a very sturdy but lightweight boat that is literally unsinkable.  In a world ruled by wooden hulls this was a big deal !

The company has had 5 owners with the first being Dick Fisher.  Mr. Fisher sold the company to the CML Group in 1969.  CML owned the company until 1989 at which time the Reebok Shoe Company purchased business.  In 1994  Meridian Downhill Slalom Company purchased the company but quickly sold it to Brunswick in 1996. Bruswick owns Mercury Motors and Sea Ray boats as well and they own the company to this day.

Business Spreadsheet Pricing, Invoicing & Quoting Programs

Our Business Spreadsheet Download Site is where we keep all of our business pricing, quoting and invoicing programs. All of our Pricing, Invoicing, Estimating and Other Spreadsheets are available here as an instant download. All of our spreadsheets are written in a standard Excel format and are easy to use and simple to edit. A little spreadsheet knowledge is all that is necessary. We make every spreadsheet we create as simple as possible and have used several ourselves in businesses that we or our family own. We have pricing and invoice spreadsheets for the following businesses:

  • Signs and Graphics Businesses
  • Parking Lot Striping and Sealcoating
  • Lawncare Businesses
  • Power Washing Companies
  • Carpet Cleaning Businesses
  • Sublimation Companies
  • Soap Making

 We price our spreadsheets very reasonably and are available to answer any questions you may have. You can Email me at

Complete Guide to Natural Soap Making

Our Natural Soap Making Site is designed to teach almost anyone how to easily make their own soap at home.  This can be done for fun or for profit.  Store bought commercial soaps are harsh on skin and are often made from petroleum based detergents. Natural soap is gentler on your skin and contains about 25% glycerine which moisturizes your skin.  When you make your own soap you get exactly what you want in the fragrance you want and the shape you want.

Our soap site also contains plenty of free soap recipes and formulas that you are free to use.  We have posted a wide variety of recipes.  Our recipes are unique in that they are always calculated in 16 ounce batches.  We do this so you can make the batch using a simple blender or stick blender.  To make more than 16 ounces you simply double, triple or quadruple the recipe. You can create custom soap recipes with our Soap-Calc program.  This program allows you to enter your oils and then calculates the lye and water you will need for a batch.  It also gives you a 16 ounce version of the formula.

Soap Making has been a popular hobby for many many decades and is only becoming more popular.  People have gotten tired of not getting what they want in their skin care products and are learning that they can create everything they need right in their own home.

Cool Machines Website

Our Cool Machines Website is a great place to find business ideas that involve a money making machine.  If you don’t mind being your own boss then a wonderful way to make a living is to let a machine make money for you. Machine hours are more productive than man hours because machines are specifically designed to do one particular task very well.  A good example of this is a “Ditch Witch”. This amazing machine can dig a three foot trench at a rate of up to 300 feet per hour.  A person with a shovel may be able to dig 10 – 20 feet in that time. In other words, what a person can do in an hour a machine can often do in just a few minutes.  And they will do it non stop with no complaints and no pay. The income the machine generates goes to the owner of the machine which can be you. If there is little or no competition then your machine can make a great deal of money per hour for you.

I developed this site after starting a few businesses that revolved around owning a machine that not very many people had.  I noticed that the amount of money I was able to make with the machine was ten times more than what I could make just working by the hour for someone.  This site is a fun and informative site that is intended to help people find a machine that fits the type of business they wish to build.  For example, if you wanted to work only at night you could look into parking lot striping or parking lot sweeping. If you had a landscaping business and wanted more revenue you could look into the concrete curbing machines.

Computer controlled routers, parking lot striping machines, sealcoating machines,  laser engravers, concrete curb machines, large format printers, vinyl cutters, and plasma cutters are just a few machines that we cover on the site.

What else can a machine do to improve your life? By owning the right machine and knowing how to use it, you can increase your hourly profit substantially. Making more per hour can make it possible for you to free up some of your time. Let’s say you make $20 per hour and work 40 hours per week. That is $800 per week which is good. Now let’s say you own a large format printer that makes you $80 per hour. If you work the machine 40 hours a week you would make $3,200. However, if you cut back to 20 hours a week you will make $1,600 and get your life back at the same time. The choice would be yours.

Parking Lot Line / Paint Striping Machines – Information Site

Paint Stripers Main Site

Parking Lot striping is a very lucrative business due to high profits, low entry cost and the simplicity of starting the business.  The first and most important piece of equipment you will need for a striping company is a line or paint striper.  Paint stripers create the stripes that you see in parking lots and on roads.  Since machine downtime can be devastating to profits it is important that you choose the right machine that is both capable and dependable. Having information on all of the machines available to you will help you make a good decision on which machine to buy.  Our paint striping machine website provides information on the Trueline Paint / Line Striper manufactured by Trusco Manufacturing.

The site includes videos on each machine and information on the accessories that are available such as wider stripe boxes and spray guns. Click here to go to our site.

Parking Lot Striping / Sealcoating Business

Parking Lot Striping Business Site Summary – Click Here to go to the main site.

When you start thinking of starting your own business and are looking for business ideas, parking lot striping may not immediately cross your mind.  Since a lot of striping is done at night and most lots are only striped once every year or so, you may not see as many stripers as you do lawn maintenance or carpet cleaning companies.  This is actually a good thing for those who do decide to go into parking lot striping.

Parking lot striping and sealcoating is a great way to make a living or just earn extra income. In some parts of the country you would provide a different service during the winter but in the south you can work all year long. You can pick your own schedule and because the profit margins are high, you get to keep the majority of what you make on each job. The initial investment can be low. Because of the high profit margins, the risks of failure are minimal. Depending on how much promoting you do, you can schedule as many jobs as you wish. Many people are able to pay off their equipment with the first job or two.  After that you can generally keep about 80 – 90% of the revenue brought in. The other 10 – 20% should be reinvested in maintaining paint inventory and other supplies.

The purpose of our parking lot striping and sealcoating site is to walk you through the steps that you will need to take to start your own company. Our site covers subjects like choosing your company name, selecting a business type (sole proprietor, corporation, etc..), finding new or used equipment, promoting your business, striping parking lots, sealcoating, and much more. I hope this website will assist you as you enjoy the freedom of owning your own business and being your own boss.

Preformed Melt or Torch Down Thermoplastic Striping Site

Preformed Melt Down Pavement Markings and Striping

When long lasting pavement markings are needed on roads or in parking lots one product rises above the rest in longevity and ease of application.  Preformed thermoplastic has been used for several decades to create long lasting pavement/road stripes, logos, lettering and symbols.  Whereas a painted on stripe or road marking will help delineate traffic for a few months, preformed thermoplastic in the same application will do the same job for years.  The longevity and visibility of preformed thermoplastic has saved countless dollars and lives across America and around the world.

Preformed thermoplastic is very similar to machine applied thermoplastic.  The difference is that preformed is created in a factory environment and then melted down with a torch on site.  For the user this cuts out the need for expensive equipment.  You go from needing a $20,000 melter and handliner to only needing a $100 torch.  Also, preformed markings are crisp and reflective straight from the factory.  No need to add reflective glass beads.

Our preformed thermoplastic website is designed to give you as much information on this amazing product as possible.  You can access our website on this product by clicking here.

Pressure / Power Washing Business Informational Website

Pressure Washing Business Website

The power or pressure washing business is very popular and requires only basic equipment.  As your business grows more equipment and services can be added which will help to make you more competitive and more profitable.  Understanding how the business works and the steps involved in starting a company are important.  Our pressure washing site is designed to help you through the basic steps of starting a successful power washing business.  We also have developed a simple to use pricing and invoicing program that is also available on our site.

It is also important to have plenty of information on the equipment available so that you can make a wise buying decision.  Purchasing inferior equipment can be a detriment to your companies profitability.  On our site we provide informational reviews of the different pressure washers available.  You can click here to access our pressure washing site.

Reflective Tape and Sheeting Information Site

All About Reflective Tape – Click Here to go to main site.

For many decades, reflective sheeting has played a major role in enhancing night time visibility and safety. It has saved countless numbers of lives and will continue to do so.

Reflective tape or sheeting is also called retro-reflective sheeting in that it collects and returns light back to the source of that light.  Regardless of which direction the light comes from, the reflective material collects it, focuses it, and returns it back to the light source.  This is what makes it so unique.

Reflective tape is used voluntarily all over the world to help objects to be seen in low light conditions.  Also, there are several government regulations that mandate the use of retro-reflective tape in certain situations.  These include the :

  • NFPA 1901 regulations for Chevron Striping on Fire Apparatus
  • Federal C-2 DOT regulations mandating the use of reflective tape on tractor trailer rigs.
  • FRA 224 regulations for train marking
  • State and Federal school bus reflective marking requirements.
  • ANSI/ASAE S276.7/S279.15 standards for agricultural equipment.
  • Coast Guard SOLAS regulations for offshore applications.
  • MUTCD standards for Sign Sheeting on DOT regulated roadways.

The site includes diagrams, pictures and videos to help you understand how this amazing product works and how it helps us every night to get where we are going safely.