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You see signs everywhere.  There is even a song about them.  Signs are considered to be the best and most cost effective advertising around.  They not only convey a message, but also often mark a location or indicate a direction.

Owning a Sign Shop can be very profitable and stable. Signs and Graphics are part of the growing multi-billion dollar graphics industry, and offer great opportunity for profit and growth in virtually any market.  You can start small and grow your sign business to any size you desire.  You can market your products locally or nationwide using the internet.  The amount of profit you can make per job is amazing and the satisfaction of owning your own business is priceless.  Sign Businesses create a huge variety of products.  You can produce and sell everything from basic banners to billboards and everything in between.  All a basic shop needs is a vinyl plotter hooked to a computer, some sign graphics, some substrates (banners, blanks, etc..) and a nice sized table to work on.

Many people that consider starting a sign shop make the mistake of thinking that sign making and graphic arts is too complicated and will take a long time to learn.  This is simply dead wrong.  In as little as an hour after you get your equipment set up you can be making signs. vinyl sign shopI can say this because I did it. My 12 year old son learned to make signs in about 30 minutes and made over $200 from a produce company for some roadside signs and over $100 from a veterinarian for a front door sign applied to glass.  Each job took less than an hour to complete.

The purpose of our sign business website is to walk you through the process of starting your own sign company and help you learn how to create and sell your signs and graphics.  I provide this information because I know how hard it can be to get a business started and hope that my previous experience can help the next person to support their family.  All you have to do is believe in yourself.