Preformed Melt or Torch Down Thermoplastic Striping Site

Preformed Melt Down Pavement Markings and Striping

When long lasting pavement markings are needed on roads or in parking lots one product rises above the rest in longevity and ease of application.  Preformed thermoplastic has been used for several decades to create long lasting pavement/road stripes, logos, lettering and symbols.  Whereas a painted on stripe or road marking will help delineate traffic for a few months, preformed thermoplastic in the same application will do the same job for years.  The longevity and visibility of preformed thermoplastic has saved countless dollars and lives across America and around the world.

Preformed thermoplastic is very similar to machine applied thermoplastic.  The difference is that preformed is created in a factory environment and then melted down with a torch on site.  For the user this cuts out the need for expensive equipment.  You go from needing a $20,000 melter and handliner to only needing a $100 torch.  Also, preformed markings are crisp and reflective straight from the factory.  No need to add reflective glass beads.

Our preformed thermoplastic website is designed to give you as much information on this amazing product as possible.  You can access our website on this product by clicking here.