Complete Guide to Natural Soap Making

Our Natural Soap Making Site is designed to teach almost anyone how to easily make their own soap at home.  This can be done for fun or for profit.  Store bought commercial soaps are harsh on skin and are often made from petroleum based detergents. Natural soap is gentler on your skin and contains about 25% glycerine which moisturizes your skin.  When you make your own soap you get exactly what you want in the fragrance you want and the shape you want.

Our soap site also contains plenty of free soap recipes and formulas that you are free to use.  We have posted a wide variety of recipes.  Our recipes are unique in that they are always calculated in 16 ounce batches.  We do this so you can make the batch using a simple blender or stick blender.  To make more than 16 ounces you simply double, triple or quadruple the recipe. You can create custom soap recipes with our Soap-Calc program.  This program allows you to enter your oils and then calculates the lye and water you will need for a batch.  It also gives you a 16 ounce version of the formula.

Soap Making has been a popular hobby for many many decades and is only becoming more popular.  People have gotten tired of not getting what they want in their skin care products and are learning that they can create everything they need right in their own home.